I came across this image from Houzz today, what a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon, and I love the camel print on the tepee!  The only thing missing is a nice Moroccan rug spread out on the sand…..and so it inspired me to think more about using rugs outside….

We don’t always have long sustained periods of sunshine in the UK like we had recently, but when we do everyone wants to get outside, to lock up the house and change to outdoor living.  Even if you only have a small outdoor space, such as a balcony or small courtyard, you can still create a cool and stylish area to sit, eat and enjoy the weather.  There’s nothing I like more than being able to eat outside, to see the sun rising with breakfast and setting with dinner.

Photo Credit – Pinterest

So why not embellish your outdoor seating arrangement with rugs and cushions, to make it a complete outdoor living space.  Vintage Flatweaves and Boucherouite rugs are perfect for this.  They are easy to roll up if there is an unexpected shower, and easy to wash….place one in front of an outdoor sofa or underneath a garden table for a really cosy setting.  Add a few other accessories such as lanterns or string lights and it will be a place you’ll never want to leave!  If you like to sit on the grass and eat – picnic style – spread a few different rugs out with cushions….so much more stylish than a picnic blanket!