Most of you will know that we offer a custom made service for the ever popular Beni Ouarain rugs. These rugs have always been woven with a superior quality soft, silky type wool which gives them a smooth appearance.  The geometric designs are woven with either black or brown wool and they usually have a short fringe at one end.

However, we are often asked about new, longer (shaggier) pile Beni rugs. There are lots of these around to buy, most of the new rugs are not produced from the best quality wool, and this is of course reflected in the price, but they are still a great addition to a contemporary space if you are on a budget. We have always been able to source this style of rug, but if we can’t find what you’re looking for, it is possible to commission a custom made rug with this type of finish, with a design modelled on the traditional vintage Beni rugs.

Photo Credit - Livingetc
Photo Credit – Livingetc

We were over the moon yesterday to see a photo of a recently completed custom made rug from Marrakech.  This beautiful Beni has been made using a vintage rug as a template, woven using the traditional designs and techniques employed by one specific tribe from the Beni Ouarain region.  A new rug with all the history and traditions of an old one….fabulous!  If you would like more information on commissioning a custom made Beni rug, please email us at