There’s a lot to be said for the good old fashioned idea of ‘airing’ a carpet, and taking it outside to give it a good beating.  Cleaning a rug in Morocco is very similar…….shake it, wash it, dry it.  Simple but effective,  it’s common sense really, and they don’t have moth problems.   The rugs are taken outside and washed with soapy water, either with buckets and brushes on roof terraces or in streams or rivers, and then left in the sun to dry.  Great…but not so easy unless you have these facilities and the weather to go with them, but you can follow the same basic principles.

We’re in the process of producing a printed guide to go out with all our rugs, but in the meantime here are some basic do’s and don’ts….


  • Air your rug regularly and shake it outside to remove the dirt and dust
  • Hoover your rug from side to side only (not along the length)
  • Spot clean any marks with a mild detergent
  • Consider a specialist carpet cleaning service for cleaning the whole rug.  Washing is great, you could use your bathtub, but these rugs are extremely heavy when wet….I’ve tried it! A small Boucherouite rug will be easy to wash and dry, you may even be able to fit one into your washing machine and tumble dryer, but a larger wool rug requires different handling.
  • Use any harsh detergents, chemicals or bleach based products.  These can damage the wool in a rug and leave unsightly patches.

So there you go….a common sense guide to caring for your rug!