Decorating Children’s Rooms

Designing a child’s room should give you an excuse to be wildly imaginative.  There are no rules, just a few basic principles to consider.  Think about storage, that’s essential, somewhere to put everything away at the end of the day to restore a restful atmosphere for relaxation and sleep.  It’s also good to give some consideration to the flexibility of the room as your child grows, the addition of interchangeable accessories will make the transition easy.  Although practical can sometimes be a little boring, it’s also good to consider how easily the wall and floor surfaces can be cleaned!

Image from Pinterest

A child’s room is perfect for playing around with colour, but do think about your child’s personality.  Research into the psychology of colour suggests that certain colours affect our moods.  Just looking at the primary colours, for example; Red energises and excites, but can over stimulate a restless child; Yellow aids concentration; Blue is calming and soothing.  A colour palette using a backdrop of subtle or neutral colours, combined with bold colour accents is a good choice.  

Image from Pinterest

I delved into Pinterest to find some images of Boucherouite rugs used in children’s rooms.  They are just the perfect addition.  They add texture, interest and bold colour splashes and are of course completely washable!  They’re very versatile and will move easily from a room created for a child to a teenager’s room, and still look exceptionally stylish!

Vintage Boucherouite rug from our collection



From the floor to the walls and the sofa……styling with Moroccan rugs

Rugs don’t have to be just for the floor.  We’ve seen some fantastic inspirations recently for using rugs as a cosy covers on sofas, throws on beds and colourful vintage Kilims and Boucherouite rugs as wall hangings.  This weekend we experimented with the idea of using Moroccan rugs on the sofa.  Beni Ouarain rugs certainly came out on top for achieving that cosy ‘log cabin by the fire’ kind of look.  As you can see, it looks very tempting to snuggle into!  One drawback of using a Beni Ouarain in this way is, of course, that they are very fluffy rugs, so if you do go for this style idea, don’t be tempted to sit down if you’re wearing anything black!   Fab look though.  We found a similar inspiration in this month’s Living etc. magazine, using a soft, thick, deep pile rug across the end of a bed, adding texture and a touch of luxury.  We love this too. Photo courtesy of Living etc. magazine The idea of using textiles as wall hangings is obviously now a new one.  People have been doing this for centuries with tapestries.  Using a colourful rag rug (Boucherouite) as a backdrop to a bed, for example, gives this idea  contemporary twist.  Photo courtesy of Apartment TherapyThese colourful Moroccan rugs really shout on their own though, so be careful to keep the rest of the scheme simple and neutral.  Most of them are quite heavy, so a proper job needs to be done with securing them to a wall with batons.  Well worth the effort though! (Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy).