Tribe Dubai are our agents for our beautiful custom made Beni rugs in Dubai and the UAE.  They will be moving to their fabulous new studio in The Courtyard, Al Quoz on the 1st September and we’re having some really great size samples made for them to keep in their studio and for loan to designers.  Tribe offer a free consultation service for their rugs, so they will be happy to bring samples out to your home to see exactly how they look in situ.  Contact Jo or Valentina at Tribe for more details!



Most of you will know that we offer a custom made service for the ever popular Beni Ouarain rugs. These rugs have always been woven with a superior quality soft, silky type wool which gives them a smooth appearance.  The geometric designs are woven with either black or brown wool and they usually have a short fringe at one end.

However, we are often asked about new, longer (shaggier) pile Beni rugs. There are lots of these around to buy, most of the new rugs are not produced from the best quality wool, and this is of course reflected in the price, but they are still a great addition to a contemporary space if you are on a budget. We have always been able to source this style of rug, but if we can’t find what you’re looking for, it is possible to commission a custom made rug with this type of finish, with a design modelled on the traditional vintage Beni rugs.

Photo Credit - Livingetc
Photo Credit – Livingetc

We were over the moon yesterday to see a photo of a recently completed custom made rug from Marrakech.  This beautiful Beni has been made using a vintage rug as a template, woven using the traditional designs and techniques employed by one specific tribe from the Beni Ouarain region.  A new rug with all the history and traditions of an old one….fabulous!  If you would like more information on commissioning a custom made Beni rug, please email us at

House Tour – Rustic Moroccan Home

Take a tour of this simple but absolutely stunning Moroccan home decorated by @couleurlocaleconceptstore for a photoshoot. 

Full of beldi ware, it conveys a feeling of absolute calm, and I particularly love this image of an open corridor with a small Beni Ouarain rug.  Take a look at the cedarwood writing tablets arranged on a wall.  These were originally used by students to practice Quranic script. There are lots of nice examples to buy in Marrakech medina. Although not all are old like these, just distressed to appear so, they still make beautiful wall decorations.  I also love the recesses in the stone kitchen wall for storing and displaying all sorts of traditional kitchen utensils and baskets.  With it’s stone floors and plaster walls, this home must make a perfect retreat from the heat of the summer in Morocco.



Gorgeous silky soft custom made Beni Ouarain rugs are now available to order.  This one recently arrived, and it’s an absolute beauty!  Handmade in the Atlas Mountains from superior quality sheep’s wool, they can be made to your own design specification and colourway.  Please email us if you would like more details at  If you are in the UAE and thinking of commissioning a custom made rug, please go along and see Jo at her Tribe Dubai studio, where you will be able to see a sample rug, and she will give you all the information you need on sizes and prices.

‘How thick is the rug?’ – Textures and Terms

The question we are most often asked is ‘how thick is the rug?’, and this is often difficult to describe accurately, even images sometimes don’t convey the depth of pieces. The term flat weave describes a rug or kilim woven on a loom rather than knotted, using interlocking vertical and horizontal threads. Expect these to be quite thin, and great for wall hangings as well as floor coverings. Boucherouite rugs are also flat weaves, but their embellishment with hundreds of pieces of recycled textiles gives them an extra depth. Pile rugs, such as Beni Ouarain, are hand knotted, and as such they can take a considerable amount of time to produce. Their pile is deep and soft. This is one of our newly woven Beni, they are both heavy and soft, and certainly the kind of rugs to sink your toes into!Beni Ouarain



Solange Knowles - Zemmour Flat WeaveWe’re guessing if you’re reading this you’re already a big fan of Moroccan rugs….Cindy Crawford - Beni Ouarainand you’re in good company!  They continue to be a favourite of interior designers around the world.  Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian - Beni OuarainColourful vintage Berber rugs and the classic geometric designs found on Beni Ouarain rugs are a favourite of celebrities too!Mario Testino - Vintage Berber Wool Rug  So we’ve put together a collection of images of celebrity owned rooms featuring these timeless pieces so you can do a spot of style stealing! Naomi Watts - Vintage Berber RugVanessa Branson - Vintage Azilal RugPics 1 to 6  – Solange Knowles, Cindy Crawford, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian, Mario Testino, Naomi Watts, Vanessa Branson


Marble and Mint in the UAE – Outlets

We had a fantastic day at the Ripe Market at Zabeel Park last Friday.  A beautiful warm day with a breeze, following some very unseasonal weather in Dubai!  Thank you to everyone who stopped to say hello and admire our collection.  We had an amazing response to our Vintage Berber rugs, and also to our custom made service for newly woven Beni Ouarain rugs, so here are a couple of places you will be able to see them in Dubai now, and in the near future…..

Tribe Dubai’s stunning studio on the Sheikh Zayed Road (next to Dubai Garden Centre) +97142718718 have some of our new Benis in stock, and Jo will be able to give advice on our custom made service for newly woven rugs.  We’re also really excited to be part of a new online community selling exclusive handmade products from independent designers and retailers, launching at the end of this month.  It’s called Home Bazar ( where you will be able to see a collection of our vintage Berber rugs, cushions and other textiles, available for shipping within Dubai. We’ll keep you posted!

Custom made New Beni Ouarain rugs

Beni Ouarain rugs continue to be a favourite of interior designers around the world. With their simplistic designs and timeless appeal they continue to be a much sought after addition to contemporary homes. Unfortunately this has resulted in good quality vintage Beni rugs becoming increasingly difficult to source and therefore very expensive! Did you know that new Beni Ouarain rugs can be made to your own specification (size and design) in the finest quality sheep’s wool? New Beni Ouarain Marble and Mint are pleased to be able to offer this service to clients, with a lead time of only approximately 4 weeks. If you would like to commission a custom made rug or would like a quotation, please email us at and we will be happy to help


Featured in the latest Arhcitectural Digest is the Californian residence of Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian.  Check out their luxurious master bathroom with a sumptuously soft Beni Ouarain rug.  We did photograph one of our new Beni Ouarain with a vintage bathtub at our recent photoshoot…. this bathroom is just slightly more polished!  With their soft, deep pile, they are just the perfect rug to step out of the bath on to.  See the rest of the Kardashian’s home here


Moroccan Rugs in a Curated Home

Home is a place where we love to be, where we feel safe and comfortable, and to me that means surrounding yourself with a collection of furniture and objects that reflect your life, experiences, taste and personality.  A curated collection of these things is what makes a home unique.  Looking around at my home now, I have such a mix of styles;  an Art Déco cabinet which belonged to my grandmother, a vintage Singer sewing machine, objects I’ve collected on my travels around the world, all sitting alongside a contemporary modular sofa which I couldn’t live without!


Of course, there are also my Moroccan rugs.  Not everything needs to be of the same style or from the same period, I think that kind of uniformity in interiors is a little boring, a thoughtfully put together eclectic collection is much more interesting, and will always be unique to you.


When you’re thinking about adding a rug to your room, think about the overall vibe you would like to have.  If you have vintage pieces of furniture, but would like a minimalist look, keep the focus on a few really nice pieces and add a contemporary sofa.  The classic clean lines and design symmetry of a Beni Ouarain rug will work perfectly with this kind of scheme.  Place the rug next to the sofa or underneath a table.  If your ideal look is more colourful and slightly busy, choose a vintage Berber rug such as an abstract Boucherouite or an artistic Ourika Valley rug.  You will be amazed at how well these rugs can fit into a variety of room schemes.  This became even more obvious to me at our recent photo shoot.


The locations we used were filled with a very random selection of vintage and modern pieces and yet, even with the small selection of rugs we had with us from the collection, everything looked great with something!  Pick out a few rugs that you like, and look around to see how many colours in your room scheme pick out a similar colour or shade in the rug….You will be pleasantly surprised!  Martina





If you’re wondering which rug colour will work with almost anything, take a look at this feature by Apartment Therapy.  You might be surprised, but I couldn’t agree more!  My eyes are always drawn to anything with pink tones when I’m choosing rugs for our stock, and it is amazing just how versatile the colour is….



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HAPPY NEW YEAR!! February Edition of Elle Decoration out now the ‘Trend Issue’.  Full of inspirations and interior trends for Spring/Summer 2016. Check out the stylish Malmo apartment with its Moroccan rugs and textiles on page 112!

You can find us at the back of this issue on the New Designer page.

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What a fantastic day we had on Tuesday 29th December at photographic studios and locations ‘The Roost’ and ‘Dalston Heights’ in Hackney, London.  Our photographer Ann Ashfield took some absolutely stunning shots of our new collection of rugs.  The space and the light in these amazing locations was perfect to show them at their best, alongside all the really cool and quirky vintage pieces that filled them!  Here’s a few of our favourite pics.  Photographer Ann Ashfield can be contacted at


You will be able to see the whole album on our Facebook page and Pinterest, and shop the look from our homepage.




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