‘How thick is the rug?’ – Textures and Terms

The question we are most often asked is ‘how thick is the rug?’, and this is often difficult to describe accurately, even images sometimes don’t convey the depth of pieces. The term flat weave describes a rug or kilim woven on a loom rather than knotted, using interlocking vertical and horizontal threads. Expect these to be quite thin, and great for wall hangings as well as floor coverings. Boucherouite rugs are also flat weaves, but their embellishment with hundreds of pieces of recycled textiles gives them an extra depth. Pile rugs, such as Beni Ouarain, are hand knotted, and as such they can take a considerable amount of time to produce. Their pile is deep and soft. This is one of our newly woven Beni, they are both heavy and soft, and certainly the kind of rugs to sink your toes into!Beni Ouarain