Homes & Antiques magazine, October edition, is out now, echoing the continuing interiors trend for arts and crafts from far flung locations, especially when they are handmade and support local artisans.


Check out H & A Lifestyle Homes this month, a former carpenter’s warehouse which dates back to the 1800’s, once part of the East End of London’s thriving furniture district, which now reflects the owner’s love of Thailand and industrial design.

Marble and Mint are included in their favourite global picks, along with several other amazing e-tailers selling artisan items from China, India, Tibet, North Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Well worth a read!  On sale from 17th August.



Well worth a read in the current edition of World of Interiors magazine is an article entitled ‘Menage and Menagerie’ featuring a traditional Berber home in the High Atlas Mountains, near Taroudant and some fantastic photography by Roland Beaufre.

The home of El Habib and Fatima has been constructed entirely from natural materials found in the mountains, with rooms arranged around a central courtyard in traditional Moroccan style.  The courtyard contains the building’s one and only tap, where the family do the laundry and washing up.  The whole structure is supported by twisted branches from the Argan tree, well known for producing the famous Argan oil now used widely in cooking, cosmetic products and for medicinal purposes.  The family receive visitors in the main reception room, dotted with palm stools arranged around a low round table, to eat and drink tea.

Man and beast live in harmony in traditional Berber homes, a hole in the floor providing light and ventilation for the cows kept in the basement below, who in turn provide a natural source of heat to the occupants upstairs.  Peacocks are kept and stay indoors during the day and guard the house outside at night.  Dogs, however, are always kept outside.  Donkeys even have their own doorway!

A 1950’s space, with seating arranged around the walls of the room and soft, pastel coloured plaster walls, has the addition of a brightly coloured Boucherouite rag rug.

You can read the full article and the interview with the family by Marie-France Boyer in May’s Edition of World of Interiors.  Photography credit: Roland Beaufre.



Solange Knowles - Zemmour Flat WeaveWe’re guessing if you’re reading this you’re already a big fan of Moroccan rugs….Cindy Crawford - Beni Ouarainand you’re in good company!  They continue to be a favourite of interior designers around the world.  Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian - Beni OuarainColourful vintage Berber rugs and the classic geometric designs found on Beni Ouarain rugs are a favourite of celebrities too!Mario Testino - Vintage Berber Wool Rug  So we’ve put together a collection of images of celebrity owned rooms featuring these timeless pieces so you can do a spot of style stealing! Naomi Watts - Vintage Berber RugVanessa Branson - Vintage Azilal RugPics 1 to 6  – Solange Knowles, Cindy Crawford, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian, Mario Testino, Naomi Watts, Vanessa Branson