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Martina spent many years trawling the markets of Marrakech, getting to know traders and developing an excellent working partnership with rug showrooms in the Medina.  The website shop is just a snapshot of the selection currently available, and Martina is always happy to source and secure exactly the right piece for her clients. Please do use the contact form to check the availability of stock before making any purchases from the website.

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11870673_10153678438506282_389735369475322814_nRugs have been woven by the indigenous people of Morocco for centuries. Each tribe has its own style of weaving and each style is named after the region from which the tribe originates.
Rugs were traditionally woven for their utility rather than decorative purposes, and used as bed coverings or sleeping mats. The nomadic tribes made lighter carpets to make them easy to transport. They have always been woven for the most part, by women, using design elements from their own personal experience, relating to birth, rural life, beliefs and spirituality. Other designs include talisman symbols, characters from the old Berber alphabet and geometric patterns. Moroccan rugs are beautiful works of ‘folk art’ made by untrained people in isolated locations.

Some are old, some are new, some in the middle, but all are much sought after all over the world by experts and laymen who are intrigued by their timeless and distinctive beauty.