There’s a lot to be said for the good old fashioned idea of ‘airing’ a carpet, and taking it outside to give it a good beating.  Cleaning a rug in Morocco is very similar…….shake it, wash it, dry it.  Simple but effective,  it’s common sense really, and they don’t have moth problems.   The rugs are taken outside and washed with soapy water, either with buckets and brushes on roof terraces or in streams or rivers, and then left in the sun to dry.  Great…but not so easy unless you have these facilities and the weather to go with them, but you can follow the same basic principles.

We’re in the process of producing a printed guide to go out with all our rugs, but in the meantime here are some basic do’s and don’ts….


  • Air your rug regularly and shake it outside to remove the dirt and dust
  • Hoover your rug from side to side only (not along the length)
  • Spot clean any marks with a mild detergent
  • Consider a specialist carpet cleaning service for cleaning the whole rug.  Washing is great, you could use your bathtub, but these rugs are extremely heavy when wet….I’ve tried it! A small Boucherouite rug will be easy to wash and dry, you may even be able to fit one into your washing machine and tumble dryer, but a larger wool rug requires different handling.
  • Use any harsh detergents, chemicals or bleach based products.  These can damage the wool in a rug and leave unsightly patches.

So there you go….a common sense guide to caring for your rug!



After a long hot Summer, Autumn is finally here and time to think about long cosy evenings ahead.  Bare floors are great in the warm weather, but when this time of the year comes, we all want something nice and soft to sink our feet into, next to the sofa in front of the fire, or to welcome you when you take your shoes off in your hallway.

Changing or adding a rug with the season is a great way to instantly update your room, adding colour, texture and warmth.   The colour purple is set to be the next big noise in interiors, following on from Autumn/Winter 2016 catwalk trends.  We have some beautiful vintage Boujaad rugs available now in soft aubergine and purple tones, originating from the Haouz region of the Middle Atlas Mountains.  Investment pieces to see you through this and the coming Winter season.  A little early to be thinking about Christmas, but the jewel tones in these rugs would be just perfect for the festive season too!

Vintage Boujaad Rug £995



Fantastic to see this beautiful coat at New York Fashion Week by Ulla Johnson…….Gorgeous or what?

It clearly takes its inspiration from the design of traditional Berber wedding blankets or Handira, embellished with hundreds of sequins and fringing.  It’s not the first time we’ve seen this inspiration recently.  This beautiful jumper is available from Plumo’s Autumn collection, and takes the same inspiration.

Photo credit Plumo Studio
Photo credit Plumo Studio

It’s not unusual to see trends from the catwalk filtering down to interiors.  Colour trends, designs and textures usually follow down from one to the other, but it’s great to see the reverse, the catwalk taking inspiration from traditional textiles.  That beautiful coat by Ulla Johnson appearing at NYFW is a sure sign that something similar will soon be in our high street stores!  Stunning….it’s definitely on my Christmas list.



Homes and Antiques October edition is out now, and we’re very honoured to be featured in their list of must follow business.  The current edition is an Art Déco special, so it’s a perfect issue for us to be featured.  The Art Deco era is a personal favourite and it’s also the period of time when mid-century modernists first introduced Moroccan rugs to the world of interior design.  There are some great interiors in this issue and please don’t forget to follow us!  You can find news of our latest products, travels and interior inspirations on our Instagram account and Facebook pages.  Just look for @marbleandmint